Our History Growth

2000, VIAR

With the presence of PT Triangle Motorindo as VIAR sole agent, we are committed in producing high quality motorcycle at an affordable price. PT Triangle Motorindo own a large factory, covering an area of 20 hectares that capable to produce finest Completely Knocked-Down Motorcycle. Supported by excellent partners in the automotive industry and always strict in quality control, makes the PT Triangle Motorindo one of the largest automotive factory in Indonesia with a production capacity of 1,000 units per day.

Following by the consumer interest, we are not just produce motorcycles but also produces three-wheeled motorcycle that multi-functions as a mode of transport which is famous reliable, robust and quality and is able to penetrate the small streets impassable larger transport modes.

As long as life still goes on, VIAR wheel continues to spin and streering the motion.

2007, Evercoss

Communication is one important part in moving the wheel of life. To provide any convenience to all the people of Indonesia in establishing communication with one to another, we also developed the smartphone industry in Indonesia.

Firmly cling to always implement the positive values of integrity, dedication and loyalty, and holding the principle of "quality need not be expensive", Evercoss won numerous awards and able to take over the lead of smartphone market in Indonesia.

2013, Indopasifik

We Build The Future!

The need for comfort and absolute properties becomes a key factor for each person nowadays. As a massive object is required, residence later transformed into a complex element. Therefore, through the presence of PT. Indopasifik that established in 2013 we began to expanding our business in developing spectacular residence by combining beautiful gardens and splendor architecture at Pacific Garden.

We will make the Pacific Garden as the pinnacle of success, not only for us, but also for you.

The Motion Of Our Success!

Past, present and future are the motion of life that would never stop. It will always keep on to grow and follows in every movement of human life. Therefore , we fully understand in order to be able to support the rate of motion requires strength , reliability , adaptability that can reach all layers.

"Success does not make us clap on chest nor proud of ourselves. Success, are became a pillar of us to develop other businesses in order to give the best for the community."